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Need a Quality Training Halter? Don’t want to spend a small fortune? You have come to the right place!! Huge variety of colors and sizes to pick from. Dimond Z Tack rope halters and lead ropes are the best that your money can buy. Affordable, long-lasting, and designed with the same quality materials as your favorite clinicians use. 

4 Knot Halter & Lead Rope Set

  • When you purchase Dimond Z Tack's rope halters and lead ropes, the knots are pretighted so that your halter doesn't change shape and all of them are hand-tied or spliced.


    The rope is manufactured out of 100% polyester of the finest fibers made in the USA.


    Our halters are made with a firm braid to hold its own shape for its most effective use. 


    lead ropes are standard 14ft length unless another option is chosen. 


    On the end there's a stitched eye splice so that your lead rope can be attached directly to your halter or you can put a snap into the eye splice so that your lead rope can detached from your halter, finished end is spliced to keep from fraying and has a leather popper for added weight.


    DO NOT leave halters on your horses in the pasture or stall as these halters do not break, these are washable just take the hardware off.


    DIMOND Z TACK is not liable for equine accidents or persons getting injured. Always use our products in a safe equine friendly area. Thanks, Lavon!


    *If you need a different size, or by a certain time, please state it in the Personalization or Special Instructions box.*